Friday, April 1, 2016

Big cats at Mikumi

Trip to the Macro World - Pugu Hills Forest Reserve

The reserve is located about 30km away from Dar es Salam City Center. This place is not very much popular with the tourist, but it is a very good place for butterfly and inset lovers. You can obtain the permit to enter to the forest from the office at kizawawe. Hiking is possible in this area on designated paths. During my both visits, we used the same track which is near by the forest office. You can get a local guide at the office. Below map will help you to find the forest reserve office.

Butterflies and insects captured during our visit,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Escape to Tanzania’s little Switzerland

8th August

This time we decided to escape to Tanzania’s little Switzerland. We started our trip early morning at about 3:30 am. In this cool and silent mooring our drive was quite fast. There were no traffic and not many police on the road to bother us. We reached Korogwe about 8:30am and had our breakfast at Kilimanjaro Fast Food restaurant. This is a newly build facility with huge parking place especially for long distance traverse and public busses. Place is clean and well maintained. 

On our way we enjoyed the colors of the skies and the rising sun.

By 9:30 we reached Mombo junction (where you have to turn to go to Lushoto). We booked the Mamob View point lodge for our stay. As the maps in lodge website indicated, we tried to reach there through Ikomasi. Since the rood was not good we call the lodge to confirm the route. They told us the road has washed away and we should use the route via Lushoto. Therefore we had to turn back. We used the rough road through the Usumbara Mountain. By the sides of the road there were huge Pine tree plantations. There were no many people on the roads. From Lushot to Mamob it is about 65Km. As we move forward we found that road condition becoming worse. After Shume we were not able to proceed. We were almost got stuck. Therefore we changed our plane and turn back to go to Lushoto to find place to stay overnight. Make thing worse we got a puncher and delayed our return to Lushoto.

Around 4:30 we reached Magamba area and started searching for a place to stay overnight. After calling several place we decided to stay in Swiss Farm cottages. We reached there around 5pm. Exhausted us were welcomed and escorted to our executive cottages. The cottage was very beautiful. Temperature was about 10C. We ordered our dinner early. We were quite tired due whole day travel. We refreshed until the dinner was severed.

Evening was cloudy but by the time passed sky get cleared. We were lucky enough to see the Milky Way Galaxy over the swiss farm cottages.

We went to bed early hoping to have more adventures on the next day.

9Th August

After a good night sleep we got up bit late and had our breakfast.  We decided to go on a hike to see the Mvuezi Waterfalls. One our way we were greeted by local people. It took about 2 hour to reach the falls.

After photographing the falls we return back to lodge using Moto bike Taxi (It called Pikipiki Kiswahili language).
About 2:30pm we had our lunch. Food was really nice. Vegetates were really fresh.
In the evening we walked in the Swiss farm and enjoyed the views.
Follow by the love dinner we went to bed early.

10th August

Breakfast was served at about and 8:30 am at the restaurant. After that we enjoyed the views at Swiss farm and photographed beautiful flowers and insets in the garden.

After settling the bill, we started our journey back to Dar es Salaam around 12:30. On our way we stopped at Sony to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Price is almost half the price in Dar. Our drive was slow due to the tire punches got about 30 Km before Msata. We stopped at Mbwewe and Msata to get the tiers fixed. That delayed our trip a lot. We reached Bagamoy about 9pm and stop at a restaurant to have dinner. After having the dinner we started our journey back. We reached Dar at 11:00pm and ended our adventures trip to Tanzania’s little Lushoto.

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Bugs Textures in Nature Dawn @ Swiss Farm Cottages

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Potato Farm Swis Farm Cotteges Dusk @ Swiss Farm Cottages

Friday, July 31, 2015

Kutani Beach is located about 35km form the capital city Dar. This is a good place for people looking for a weekend getaway. Very clear and calm beach. It is a relaxing place.

It took about an hour to reach there. Most parts of the road is tarmac and some parts are quite rough. Anyway you can reach there by a saloon car.

We stayed one night at Protiea Amani Beach resort. This is very well maintained beautiful resort.  We enjoyed the beach and the nature around the lodge.

Here are some pictures captured:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Safari to Afirca's Biggest Game Reserve Selous

This year Eid and Nanae Nane (Nane Nane is 8/8 - It is a public holiday in Tanzania) holidays fell together creating a 4 day long weekend. We and our friends planned to go to Selous Game Reserve during this holiday. After checking many options we decided to stay at Selous Mbuyu safari camp which is located inside the reserve and is 50km from the Mtemere gate.

8th August

On this lovely morning we started out journey from Dar es Salaam at 5:30am. Eclips Hotels had arranged a coaster bus to travel up to Kibiti. Even though we came across different obstacles on our way, we reached to Kibiti by 11:30am. At Kibiti we spent about 30 minutes for tea. Then we were transferred to safari vehicles. While enjoying the rural view on our way, we headed to Mtemere gate. We reached there by 2:00pm. After all the paper work at the gate we headed to the camp while enjoying the beautiful landscapes in the reserve.

Location : 237km from Dar es Salaam to the Selouse Game reserve Mtemere Gate. 

View Larger Map

Around 3:00pm we reached to the Mbuyu camp. Manager and Chef of the camp Mr. Singh warmly welcomed us and took us around the beautiful camp. Location of the camp is superb. It was in the rifigi river bank and we were able to see many wild animals just staying at the camp.  Next we were shown our tented rooms. After having a small meal we left the camp for the first day game drive. We were lucky enough to see some lionesses with a kill. When sun went down we returned to the camp.

Food was served at the restaurant at 7:30. After having the food we went back to our bandas to have a good night sleep. 

Here are some images captured in the first day (Click on image to view in full size)

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pic name pic name pic name pic name

9th August

With birds weak up call we got up and got ready to go for the second day morning game viewing session. After having breakfast we left the camp around 8:00 am. Wonderful day for photography! Cloudy and good light till mid day! In our morning drive we saw and photographed different wild animals and birds in the reserve.

Amazing day! We were able to see a scene of mating lion. First time in my life!

After spending about 4 hours in the bush we return to the camp for lunch.

We began our evening drive at 4:00pm. Within few minutes drive we were able to see a pair of hippo slowly came out from the bush and going to the water. The pair was accompanied by little egret.

What a lovely scene!!

During our game drive I captured spectacular wildlife images with my Sigma 50-500mm lens.

While enjoying the African sunset we returned to the camp. After arrive to the camp we freshed up and had a rest till dinner. Dinner was served at about 8:00pm. We went to bed thinking about the beauty of nature.

Here are some images captured in the second day (Click on image to view in full size),

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10th August

Last day of our Safari! After the breakfast we headed to a lake for a boat safari. Birds and Corco day! We saw them very closely. After spending 30 minutes in waters we headed back to camp to pack our things to leave.

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So sad! We had to leave the camp and Great Selous Game reserve!

With packed lunch we left the camp around 12:30. In the middle of our way to kibiti we got a flat tire. While the tire was changed we had time to talk to some people in the area and drink madaf  (Coconut water is called madaf in Swahili). By 3:00pm we reached kibiti junction. After spending about 20 minutes there we were transferred to the bus to go back to the Dar es Salaam. We reached Dar by 8:00pm.

That is the end of our great safari.

I still remember the quote displayed in the camp :

"Everything has its own beauty but not everyone sees it"

Try to see the beauty of what you see in this wonderful world. Let’s protect our world for the next generation.